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Doggy Styling Professional Dog Grooming

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Terms & Conditions
By leaving the pet for grooming the client agrees to pay all cost for the grooming of their pet including, but not limited to, special handling, de-matting, matted coat removal, fees due for late pick up, and missed appointments. All costs must be paid in full before any dogs are allowed to leave the premises.

Aggressive Dogs
Doggy Styling reserves the right to refuse to groom any pet for the safety of the groomer and the dog. A muzzle may be used, services discontinued or refused for the well being of your pet and the groomer. Client agrees to inform Doggy Styling prior to grooming if their dog has ever bitten or shown aggression at any time. Failure to disclose said information may result in refusal of further services and a minimum 100 fee in addition to any grooming fees, regardless of whether grooming services are completed or not. In conjunction with the Dangerous dogs act, the owner understands that they will be held liable for all bites/injuries caused by their dog.

Missed/Cancelled/Late Appointments
Missed appointment will incur a minimum fee of 50% of the standard grooming charge and are due before further appointments will be booked. Repeated missed appointments will result in refusal of service. Please be ON TIME for your appointment, clients over 15min late will be considered as a missed appointment & may have to rebook. (Missed appointment fees apply) A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for all appointments. If Doggy Styling does not receive minimum 24-hour notice, a re-booking fee will be applied.
Doggy Styling works by appointment only so there is a dog coming in right after you. Pick-up will be due at the arranged time, some days we need to close early (for example every other Thursday Salem has hydrotherapy in Peterborough) so if you cannot collect at the time give to you please tell us on arrival. We usually close at 4.30pm unless otherwise stated and all dogs must be picked up at this time. Please call immediately if you are running late. While Doggy Styling does allow reasonable leeway for traffic and unforeseen circumstances, dogs left late will be charged a late pick up fee of 5 per 15 minutes.

Veterinary Treatment
Doggy Styling will do whatever is appropriate for the well being of all pet while in their care, however if the services of a vet are required, the owner authorize Doggy Styling to obtain veterinary treatment in the case of an incident or serious medical problem being discovered during grooming. The owner agrees that Doggy Styling is not liable for any pre-existing conditions and problems found during grooming and the owner agrees to pay for all medical treatment incurred due to such.  Doggy Styling is not a vet and any advice given regarding health problems should be checked with a licensed vet.

Matted Dogs
In conjunction with the rules set out by The Animal Welfare Act 2006, Doggy Styling will not de-matt coats that have neglected and might cause stress or trauma to the pet by doing so.

Owner consents to the use of thier pets photos taken by Doggy Styling, for use on their website & printed materials. Doggy Styling will never sell copies or grant copyright to outside persons/companies.

Other Dogs
Please do not handle or approach other dogs in the shop. Not all dogs are friendly to strangers and may bite without warning regardless of how friendly they may appear. We cannot be held responsible if you disregard this policy.

Doggy Styling reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.