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Puppy Introduction Scheme

At Doggy Styling we understand the fears and concerns that your puppy will face when he or she comes to the salon for the first time, so we are offering all puppies under 16 weeks of age* a  grooming taster for just 5. This will familiarise them with our surroundings and they can take in all the different smells and noises associated with a grooming salon.

Your visit will include:
Introducing your puppy to the salon & equipment
Introducing your puppy to brushes & being brushed
Ear cleaning
  Nail clipping
A light trim of your puppies eyes, pads and hygiene area where necessary
Advice on grooming routines & equipment
A squirt of our doggy perfume
A free goody bag & 10% off voucher for their first full groom

As soon as your puppy has been vaccinated please give us call and make an appointment your  introductory visit. The first visit will last approximately 20 minutes and your puppy will come into the salon to see the surroundings and various equipment.  We will ask you to leave your puppy with us as it  will help them to realise that once you leave them with us you will be coming back!

Once your puppy has had a look around he/she will be placed on the grooming table which we will raise and lower so that they realise it's not scary! Brushes will also be introduced to your puppy whilst on the grooming table so they can have a smell and a good look at them, once they are happy with the brushes we will give them a light grooming so they can get used to the feeling. Once they are happy with this we will lightly tidy around their eyes and hygiene areas.

We will also start picking up their paws and having a close look at them so that they will be happy for someone to do this in the future and if it is needed your puppy will have a pad trim & nail clip.

To take advantage of the Puppy Introduction Scheme for just 5, simply give us a call on 07738 155 974 and we can arrange your visit.

We look forward to seeing you and your puppy soon!

We will require a vaccination certificate/pedigree as proof of age. You will have to wait 7 days after the second vaccination before your puppy is safe to go come to the salon.