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All prices include full spa treatment which consists of bathing, conditioning, massage, blow drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a spritz of coat conditioner/cologne.

Prices for long, rough and wire haired breeds also includes styling/trimming. We can also provide a Bath & Brush service for long haired dogs between haircuts, please ask for prices.

We use only the higest quality products & shampoos which do not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, flavours, sulphates or petroleum-derived chemicals to ensure it is completely safe for your dog. Whenever possible we use natural & organic products.

Severely matted coats or dogs with matts that will take longer than 15 mins to de-matt will be clipped off under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 or referred to your vet to do the same. Additonal Charges will apply.
Airedale £35
Akita £35  +
Alaskan Malamute £35+
American Bulldog £20 
American Cocker Spaniel £30
Australian Shepherd £30
Bassett £20 
Beagle £15
Bearded Collie £35 +
Bichon £25 - £30 
Border Collie £25 - £30 
Border Terrier £26 
Boxer £20  
Bulldog £18  
Bull Terrier £15 
Cairn £26
Cavalier King Charles £26
Chihuahua (long) £22 - £25
Chihuahua (short) £12 
Cockerpoo £30+
Cocker Spaniel £28
Dachshund (smooth) £13
Dachshund (long/rough) £26 
Dalmatian £20  
Doberman £20
English Setter £30 
English Springer Spaniel £28
Flat Coat Retriever £30  
Fox Terrier (smooth) £13 
Fox Terrier (wire) £26
German Pointer £20 
German Shepherd (short) £25 +
German Shepherd (long) £40 +   
Goldendoodle £35 +
Golden Retriever £35
Greyhound £17
Hungarian Vizla £20

If you dog is not on the list or you have a crossbreed please contact us for a quote
Flea Treatment
Flea treatment shampoo is available for an extra charge of £3. Also any dogs found to have fleas which we have not been made aware of will be treated with flea shampoo and an extra charge of £5 will be added to the cost of the groom.

Nail Clipping
Nail Clipping is available on its own for a charge of £5 (or free with a Bath & Brush or Full Groom)

Blueberry & Vanilla Facial

A facial cleanser which soothes and balances while naturally exfoliates and hydrates. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes dirt and tear stains, and will not sting eyes. Great for dogs of all skin types and ages. Only £1 extra

Bright & White
A special bath to help remove tear, saliva and urine stains from white coats on breeds such as Bichons and Westies. Contains pure Evening Primrose Oil which is especially useful for soothing and helping to heal dry and sensitive skin. Only £2 extra

Soothing Skin Tonic

The Oatmeal and Honey bath is the ideal for dogs with dry and itchy skin.  Containing natural Oatmeal, Honey & Royal Jelly which  helps to cleanse and soothe the skin and help coat growth and condition to ensure your dog has a healthy sheen. Only £2 extra

Paw Pamper
A relaxing paw massage with specially formulated balm with Aloe Vera & mineral oil to keep pads soft, moisturised & protected. Also hair between pads trimmed & nails clipped.
Not suitable for dog who donít enjoy their feet being handled.  Only £1 extra or £6 as a stand alone treatment

Jack Russell (rough) £22-£26
Jack Russell (smooth) £13
Labradoodle £30 +
Labrador £23 
Leonberger £45 +
Lhasa Apso £26
Maltese £26
Mastiff  £25
Miniature Schnauzer £26 
Newfoundland £80+
Old English Sheepdog £30 - £60
Papillon £26
Parsons Russell Terrier £22 - £26
Patterdale (smooth) £12
Patterdale (rough) £22 - £26
Poodle Mini/Toy £35
(Lamb trim every 6-8 weeks)
Poodle Standard £45 (Lamb trim every 6-8 weeks)
Pug £13
Pyrenean Mountain Dog  £50+
Rhodesian Ridgeback £20 
Rottweiler £20
Rough Collie £40 -£50
St Bernard £50+
Samoyed £40+
Scottish Terrier  £26  
Shar-Pei £25 
Shetland Sheepdog £30 - £40
Shih Tzu £26
Siberian Husky £30
Soft Coated Wheaten £30 -£40 
Staffie £15
Tibetan Terrier £30 - £35
Weimeraner £20 
Welsh Terrier £27
Westie £26 
Whippet £15
Yorkshire Terrier £22 - £26

Please note we are currently only able to accept cash as a from of payment

All prices are estimates based on a well behaved dog in good condition which has been professionally groomed regularly. Badly behaved, aggressive or matted dogs may incur extra charges.

If you book an appointment which you then cannot attend for any reason please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation or a fee will be charged.

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