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Here is a list of questions people often ask when booking their dogs in for grooming, hopefully you will find them helpful but if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or pop into the salon where we will be happy to help.

Q - What is the best age to start having my dog groomed?
A - As soon as your puppy has had it's vaccinations it should come into the salon for a puppy introduction just to get used to the sights and sounds, the earlier your dog experiences being groomed the more they will enjoy it in later life. Grooming should start with the owner ASAP this will allow the dog to see grooming as part of everyday life, please ask us for advice on the correct tools for your breed of dog as using the wrong equipment can hurt and frighten them causing problems for future grooming and clipping.

Q - How often should I groom my dog?
A - Grooming on a daily basis would be great, however it is dependent on the breed for example a Lhasa in full coat would need grooming every day but a Lab could be done weekly. Please ask us for guidance to suit your dog. 

Q - How often should my dog be professionally groomed/clipped?
A - All dogs, regardless of breed or coat type,  benefit from a visit a groomer every 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the breed of your dog and type of clip required.  In the summer months their coats harbour pollen, grass seeds and mites. In the Winter they live in centrally heated houses which drys out their skin and coat. Just as people need regularly deep grooming, so do dogs.

Q- Can you trim my dog without giving it a bath?
A - The dogs coat must be scrupulously clean, dead hair needs to be removed by prepping and brushing to get a good finish so we must bath the dogs ourselves to ensure your dog looks it's best after grooming. Also trimming a dirty coat damages our equipment & creates a higher risk of skin issues, therefore we would have to charge a higher price to groom the dog without a bath.

Q- Can you wash my dog in our own shampoo?
A - If you dog is on a medicated or prescription shampoo we are happy to use this for your dogs groom, however human shampoo is not designed for dogs and will strip the natural oils from his/her coat. All our shampoos and conditioners are designed especially for dogs and we will use a shampoo to suit your dogs coat type and skin condition.

Q - Can I stay with my dog when being groomed?
A - Due to health & safety reasons it is not possible for you to stay while your dog is groomed. In 99% of cases it is better if the owner is not present while the dog is groomed as it can be distracting for the dog and cause them to misbehave.

Q - What If my dog will not allow you to wash and clip him/her?
A - In these cases we will suggest a plan of action for the owner depending on the problem.

Q - Will you clip my dog how I want him/her to look?
A - Of course! We are happy to trim your dog to your requirements whether that is a traditional trim or a total clip off, however we cannot work miracles and if you dog is matted we may have to do a different trim to make your dog comfortable.

Q - Do you do anal glands?
A- The simple answer is no, expressing anal glands is classed as a medical procedure, there for it is unlawful for anyone other than a veterinary professional to carry out this procedure on someone else's dog. Proper exercise and diet will sufficiently take care of anal glands for the vast majority of dogs & dogs who need them expressing therefore have a medical issue and need a vet to provide the correct treatment.

If you have any other questions or comments please contact us on 07738 155 974

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